More than 40 years in die design and manufacturing.

The technological charm of dies due to its complexity and perfection is repeated daily at CAMS.

Our company, always at the forefront of technology and designing capability, has within the last 40 years built dies for blanking and bending sheet metal, progressive dies, block dies, dies and produced its prototypes to satisfy the needs of all our customers.

Type of dies




The CNC milling machine department consists of 10 units which permit us to address and solve all the manufacturing of complex removal in 3, 4 and 5 axes also due to the interface of the modern CAD-CAM system. The constant and careful control of qualified personnel assigned to the machines guarantees high quality of the finished product.

The main process for the manufacturing of dies is EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine) which is performed by 6 high technological machines. These machines allow the cutting of the dies and of the punches for the cutting dies with high precision. Attention and preparation of our personnel guarantees us the perfect functionality of the dies.


Product moulds

Laser cutter

Mechanical manufacturing